What is Sunday School all about?

Our Mount Calvary Sunday School program is just one more place where all God’s children can grow.  We work with the children to discover how the bible is relevant in your life – how it fits into every day life and shows up in everything you do.  It provides a wonderful way to teach our children stories of God’s Word through activities such as music, art, and group stories and discussion.

What is taught in Sunday School?

Our average day consists of prayer time, a music lesson, snack and a story or art activity.  We focus our time learning key elements of the bible including some of the following: The Lord’s Prayer, The 10 commandments, Apostles versus Disciples, Old testament versus the New Testament
In addition, we work to help our children become a part of their community with service events at the church grounds and through singing during church and even performing a Christmas and Easter program.

Who, when, where and what time does Sunday School start?

The children in our program range from preschool to 5th grade.  We tailor activities to age, and teach our children how to work in teams and mentor as we pair up our older kids with the little ones.
We meet after church service from 9:30-10:30 on almost all Sundays — view the Calendar for specific details.